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About Word Counter

A while back I expected to check the measure of letters that a bit of content in an email layout had (to abstain from passing any character limits). Tragically, I couldn't think about a fast approach to do as such on my macbook and I hence swung to the Internet. 

There were two or three devices out there, yet none of them met my guidelines and since I am a web fashioner I thought: why not do it without anyone's help and help other people along the way? Also, here is the outcome, trust it assists! 

What Is This? 

Character Count Online is a free online character and word numbering device. 

All outcomes are instantly appeared and it is strangely simple to utilize and obviously, the administration is totally free. 

How Is It Used? 

You can duplicate and glue your content with the characters to check in the content territory above, or you can sort your characters and words into the content zone. The counter will be overhauled immediately, showing the measure of characters, words, sentences, sections and whitespace in your content, also that the catchphrase thickness (which you can arrange from the alternatives menu) is likewise shown.

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