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There are many webmasters who don’t take this ranking seriously as they have the wrong perception of the way it works. If you have the same concept in your mind, then it’s time you start taking this rank seriously.

First things first, you will have to run the Alexa domain check with the free Alexa rank comparison tool. Let’s take a look at the myths, which should be cleared in your mind before you make any further steps.

Websites are ranked if they have Alexa toolbar:

This is the biggest lie you can believe as the Alexa toolbar is only an extension, which contains Alexa data. It certainly has many plug-ins and extensions, and these extensions aren’t the sources of gaining its ranking. Whether your website has an extension or not, every site has Alexa ranking, which is a measure of its popularity among visitors.

Paying Alexa can get you a better rank:

There is no way you can bribe Alexa to give your site a better ranking. Instead, you can take assistance from Alexa’s Marketing Stack, which can result in improving your ranking.

The rank gets better automatically:

If you are not implementing any measures to improve your site’s ranking and user value, there is no way your ranking would get any better. Even if your site has reached the highest traffic on a certain day, it won’t create any massive impact. That is because while ranking, it takes three months of traffic under consideration.

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